Enrolment / Fees / Zone

The Heights School is for students from Pre-school to Year 13.

We operate as three subschools:


To make an enrolment enquiry, please contact the school by phone. The Enrolment Officer will contact you to follow up on your enquiry.


  • Our school does not have an enrolment zone for the primary education program (years R-7)

    Preference is given to students living close to our school (dependent on class sizes). Enrolment enquiries are welcome.


    Our school has an enrolment zone (inside the blue area on map) for the secondary education program (years 8-12)

    Out of zone students may contact us to discuss the possibility or enrolment. If places are available we are welcoming of out of zone enrolments.

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The Governing Council sets the materials and services charge at the lowest level which allows school programs to function.

2017 Materials and Services Charge Schedule

Year Level

School Fee

Approved School Card Component

Years R-7



Year 8-12




There will be other school charges applicable during the year, such as excursions, camps and some specific subject costs.