Indonesian at The Heights School is taught across the three Sub Schools with a particular emphasis on Indonesian language and culture. Students are encouraged to not only communicate in the Indonesian language, but also develop their literacy in English by analysing how the English language is constructed in comparison with Indonesian. Similarly, learning activities are designed to allow students to reflect on their own culture as they learn about the culture of Indonesia.



Opportunities are provided for students to engage with Indonesian language and culture in meaningful ways. In April 2013 students in Junior School and Middle School were selected to design Indonesian inspired banners to be used at the entrance to the 2013 Indofest. Students worked in small groups to design and draw the banners within a tight timeline. We are proud to have our students’ fantastic designs welcoming South Australians to this year’s Indofest.




Year 10 students visited the Adelaide Central Market and participated in a range of activities in Indonesian and English including Thinkers’ Keys questions and developing ideas about how markets are designed to suit the local culture both in Indonesia and Adelaide. Of course we all enjoyed the South-East Asian food and drink on offer too.

In Term 2 we look forward to a visit to the Indonesian “pendopo” at Flinders University, where Year 8 students will be taught how to play the gamelan, a traditional Javanese orchestra. We will even play an ensemble at the end of the workshop to showcase our skills. An Indonesian lunch will complete our visit.

Year 8 students take part in a challenging round robin style game of Sepak Takraw, an Indonesian game using soccer skills and a volleyball net! Whilst we are yet to master the backflips of professional Indonesian athletes it’s fun to try a new sport. Why not have a look on Youtube to see a professional game.







In Term 2 students will have the chance to enter a competition to re-design our kaki lima. A kaki lima is a traditional, mobile Indonesian food and drink cart, used to sell anything from satays to ice creams. This kaki lima has been a fixture at The Heights for more than 15 years and it is ready for a new coat of paint! The winning entrant will have their design painted onto the kaki lima by one of our Year 9 Art classes as well as winning an exciting prize for themselves.