Middle School

2018 Year 9 Subject Descriptors - 2018 Year 8 and 9 Stationery List


In addition to the three statements above, we also believe that:

The school and the teachers working with students will ensure that every opportunity is provided to achieve the best possible results from studies at this school. However, we expect and encourage students to demonstrate commitment, self-discipline and responsibility in order to maximise their learning.

The Middle School caters for the learning needs of students in Years 6, 7, 8, and 9. We create a learning environment where the special needs of all students are catered for.

At each year level students are placed into mixed ability home groups, with roughly equal number of boys and girls. (See also the Gifted education page).

All home group classes are housed in separate Middle School buildings, with a separate oval and play areas reserved exclusively for Middle School students.

All students follow the Australian Curriculum




The Year 6 and 7 students have their own class teacher with whom they do the majority of their work. Depending on the skills and interests of the teachers, a system of rotation for different learning areas may occur.

The Year 8 students are taught by a team of teachers so that generally each class will have the same teacher for English and Society and Environment, and also the same teacher for Science and Mathematics. This ensures that for nearly 50% of their week the students are taught within the Middle School, and by only 2 teachers. For the remainder of the week the students move to other learning area sites where subject specialists teach them.

Year 9 students are placed in to home groups so that have at least 1 learning area taught by their home group teacher.

Each year level has a year level mentor, who with class and home group teachers, meet regularly to discuss the needs and specific programmes for that group of students.

Each week a pastoral care lesson occurs that supports students with social and life skills.

Special whole of Middle School assemblies are held as required.





We will further develop our links with feeder primary school.

Student achievement

We will continue to map the Year 7 to 9 curriculum in line with The Australian Curriculum

Curriculum Development

We will improve student engagement and success through more relevant and contemporary curriculum.



There is a regular meeting of student representatives at each year level, 7, 8 and 9. Each year level group then elects representatives to the Middle School Student Voice.

Each year the Middle School Student voice may do many different things. They may organize several Uniform-free days with money raised going to support charities voted on by the students.

The Middle School Student voice may also go on excursions to the Tea Tree Gully Council Chambers (to meet the Mayor), or to Parliament House in Adelaide to meet the local member for Florey.


Splash Carnival

The Splash Carnival provides an excellent opportunity for students to get to know each other in their class groups and year levels, and have loads of fun.

Sports Day

Each year sees Middle and Senior school students participating in Sports Day. Again the combination of competitive, fun activities and the opportunity to give service provides maximum opportunity to have everyone involved

Open Night

Parents and prospective students are able to tour the school. Students will act as tour guides. Families are able to hear about the programmes we offer in the school and about achievements of which we are extremely proud - academic, sporting, cultural.

Student Led Conferences and Round Table Assessment

Over the course of the year all Middle School students present their work to their parents and teachers.

The Year 6 and 7 students do this midway through the year at Student Led Conferences where they describe their learning and show their parents all their work books and folders.

As part of the end of year assessment, all Year 8 and 9 students at The Heights School participate in a Round Table Assessment process which has proved to be very successful. The process focuses upon not only student knowledge, but also the broader skills that are required in the workforce and the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities.

Students are given an opportunity to plan and organise a presentation, which involves the student speaking about, and demonstrating some of their learning that has occurred over the past year. The presentation is given to a panel that consists of the student's parent, Home Group teacher and possibly a community representative. after listening to the student's presentation the panel provides feedback.