One of the key elements in students achieving success and welbeing at school is the active participation of parents and caregivers.

Studies confirm that parent involvement makes an enormous impact on students academic achievement, attendance and attitude.

Without our volunteers, many of our school services would disappear or their activities would be dramatically reduced.

Effective volunteer programs bring benefits to all parties- the person being assisted or project being mounted, the organisation, the volunteer and the community at large.


Volunteers are an integral part of The Heights.



Volunteer Documents

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Handbook


Criminal Screening Documents

Child Related Employment Screening Form




Some of the areas you can volunteer are:

Governing Council

This is a group of parents who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The council, together with student and staff representatives and the principal, meet twice a term. The Council’s function is to exercise, on behalf of the parent community, an oversight of the well being of the school. The roles and duties are clearly defined by regulation.
As increased management responsibility for school matters is transferred to the school, the Governing Council will play an increasingly important role. The Governing Council supports an active sub-committee structure -. Grounds, Uniform, Canteen, Finance, OSHC and Monitoring & Review.

Further details: http://www.theheights.sa.edu.au/gov_council.html


Parents & Friends

The aim of the Parents & Friends Club is to develop and maintain an interest among parents & care givers in the welfare of their children and staff at The Heights School.
We also welcome new families to the Heights and maintain an ongoing friendship base and social community for all families within our school.

Parents & Friends Club is a great way to keep informed about all aspects of the school.

The Heights School Parents & Friends Club always welcomes new parents and caregivers. Please come along to one of our meetings.
You will be made to feel very welcome.

 Meetings are held in the Community Room from 9:00am


*Support Student Learning and class activities through fundraising within the school.
* Represent the parent community on various committees within the school
* Organise parent functions such as Luncheons and Guest Speakers
* Catering for events within the school, such as sausage sizzles.

* Year 7 Graduation, Year 9 Graduation, Year 12 Valediction

Sports Assistance

Without the generous assistance of many parents and caregivers the number of sporting teams we have would be severely restricted and the variety of sports we are able to participate in would be greatly reduced.
Parents help with coaching, managing teams, transport, umpiring, scoring and supporting their children in their chosen sport.



Classroom support

We welcome parent/caregiver help in classrooms from Pre School to Year 12 Parents help with Reading, Maths, Language, cooking, craft, as well as accompanying the school on excursions. Parents are most welcome and encouraged at Assemblies and class performances.


Resource Centre assistance

The staff in the library/resource centre always appreciates help, where parents can assist with book maintenance, borrowing/returning and general procedures.
The covering of new books used in classrooms is a task undertaken by groups of parents each year.




Special interest groups

Parents are able to share their experience and knowledge with students having interests in areas such as:

The Observatory
Gifted Education
Pedal Prix

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Ground and Facilities


International Exchange Student Program

As part of our commitment to building international connections The Heights School often hosts student and teacher groups from overseas and organises exchanges for students from The Heights to sister schools.

Part of this program is Homestay accommodation. Providing accommodation to an international school student (short term 10 days)affords many unique opportunities, including the chance to learn firsthand about another culture, build life-long international friendship networks, learn another language, and try authentic international dishes.....to name a few.

We are always looking for families to be part of this program. Financial support is available.

We hope this information gives you a better understanding of the areas within the school that volunteers are needed. For more information, call us on 8263 6244. Or email at dl.1430.info@schools.sa.edu.au