BYOD Laptop Program

For all students that are enrolled in years 6-12, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program run at the Heights School enables each student access to a laptop at school. Technology and eResources are embedded into the curriculum and student laptops are essential each day for:

  • Creating and submitting work electronically
  • Classroom activities and lesson plans
  • Collaborative learning
  • Accessing electronic textbooks
  • Internet based research
  • Electronic interactive assessment

    To be able to access these resources, it is vital that all students in years 6-12 have access to and bring their own working laptop to school every day for use in the classroom.
    The expectation of students bringing a device to lesson is treated with the same importance as bringing any other resource required for learning.

    Device options

    For year 6-12 students, there are 2 options for student devices:

    School-recommended device

    BYOD purchasing portal

    For assistance placing an order, please contact Learning With Technologies on 1300 839 605

    The Heights School has partnered with Learning With Technologies to provide a customised web portal for parents to purchase new laptops specifically tailored towards student learning at school.

    These devices come with the following advantages:

    • 3 year onsite warranty provided by the manufacturer
    • Fully supported in the school’s ICT environment
    • Suitable for the learning platforms used at school
    • Education/Business grade devices
    • Have a long battery life
    • Insurance options available, subject to vendor
    • Windows Defender Antivirus (included with Windows 10/11)

    Other BYOD laptop

    Students can also bring in other personal laptops to school.
    We strongly suggest that laptops used at school meet the following specifications:

    • Windows 10 or 11
      Device not running in Windows 10/11 S mode
    • Long (8 hour) battery life
    • 11” or larger screen
    • 120GB or larger hard drive / SSD
    • Intel or AMD CPU
    • Intel wireless chipset supporting 5Ghz AX (WiFi 6) or AC
    • Windows Defender Antivirus (included with Windows 10/11)

    Please note: The school does not support Chromebooks, iPads or Android tablets

    It is necessary for students to have local-administrator privileges on their laptops, to enable them to install and use the resources they need for learning at school.

    Using BYOD at school

    When BYO devices are first brought into school, there are some important steps which all users must take to connect and configure their device for use in our environment.

    Instructions and a Heights School BYOD configuration tool for Windows to setup laptops for our environment, are available on the school Intranet. There will be sessions held at the beginning of the year to facilitate this, and the ICT office is available to provide general WIFI connectivity support (up to 15 minutes) for student devices throughout the year.

    Students will need to charge their devices at home each night to ensure their laptops are fully charged for use at school the following day.

    Microsoft Office Pro Plus which is part of Office 365 is available to all students currently enrolled in years 6-12 at The Heights School.

    This allows students to install the latest version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 personal computers, whilst they are enrolled at the school for no charge.

    As part of this process, students will need to sign in to activate the Office applications on their device and to allow access to some of the Online Learning functionality used at school.

    Please be advised that students can only install Microsoft Office once they commence school. ICT sessions held at the beginning of the year will assist students installing Office onto their laptops.

    For questions in relation to any information contained on this page, please contact:

    David Williams
    ICT & Services Manager
    Phone: 8242 8900