The Heights School supports a strong Internationalism program for both teachers and students from a number of countries. International students who attend The Heights are able to do so as part of a short or long stay program, and have the opportunity to take part in the school’s gifted and talented program, specialist cricket and all other programs offered at the school.

We are committed to developing all international students, whether short-term or long-term, in English proficiency, cultural harmony, academic engagement, and international understanding. We aim to ensure that all students achieve their personal academic best in a safe and welcoming environment, and that all students leave our school equipped to lead a productive life as part of an increasingly globalised world. The Heights is certified by the Department for Education to accommodate long-term international students. We have hosted a number of long-term international students from Japan, Germany, France, Korea and Thailand.


The Heights School proudly hosts study tours from Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. These study tours provide an excellent opportunity for students from The Heights and overseas to share their education, lifestyle, culture and families.

Students from The Heights have also been fortunate enough to take part in exchange programs to Singapore and Korea.

We also regularly host visiting teachers, principals and education officials. We have hosted groups from a number of countries including China, Thailand, Indonesia and New Caledonia.

Some benefits of the Internationalism program include

  • Educating our community with skills, knowledge and understandings necessary for active participation in a global society
  • Establishing friendships and networks.
  • Promoting the achievements of our school.
  • Enriching the curriculum with authentic learning activities, particularly in HASS and LOTE.

We are regularly seeking families willing to host visiting students, for more information hosting visiting students or information on Internationalism at The Heights School please contact Lynn Mckenzie at or (08) 8242 8900.

The International Education Services office manages internationalism services across Department for Education schools, including student enrolments and study tours.

For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:
International Education Services
Department for Education
PO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001 | GFW, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: +61 8 8226 3402       Fax: +61 8 8226 3655
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