Splash Carnival

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Our 2020 Splash Carnival for Years 5-8 students was held on Wednesday the 12th February at Salisbury Swimming Centre. With the return of favourite events such as the swim/walk relay, rope pull and the peg scramble, 2020 also introduced a series of new events. Students competed in Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke 50 Races. They challenged their peers to a game of Finska and collaborated to beat opposing houses in Stand-up Water Polo. Students also had the chance to participate in Elimination; a novelty event requiring speed, persistence and teamwork. The pool was packed with students when it came to Free Swim time and once again students lined the banks of the pool for their chance to tackle the Inflatable Fun Run.

Our annual Staff vs Student 50m Freestyle Relay witnessed the male teaching team taking home the glory and our boys team finishing 2nd with the Flinders University Student Teacher Team in 3rd. It was once again an event that had all eyes on the pool and the noise of encouragement for both students and staff. Congratulations to all students and staff who participated in Splash Carnival and made our 2020 a wonderful day!

Thank you to all staff members for your support with Splash Carnival. I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding work of our year 10 helpers. Without their support the running of the carnival would not have been possible.

Congratulations to our winning House the Corvus Redbacks:

Corvus Redbacks (Red) 457

Draco Crocodiles (Green) 445

Aquila Dingoes (Yellow) 409

Hydra Sharks (Blue) 403