Defence School Mentor Program

The Heights School is proud to provide the Defence School Mentor Program to support our Defence students and families. In conjunction with the Australian Defence Force, we recognise that some children of service parents may experience some disruption to both academic and social aspects of their schooling each time they move.

This program consists of a school based position which focuses on the smooth transition into and out of The Heights School and practical support incorporated into the classroom, school and school community.


Defence School Mentors

  • Are a point of contact for parents and the Defence students in the school
  • Coordinate welcome and farewell for Defence families
  • Support individual students during extended parental absence
  • Provide in class support working with all staff and teachers
  • Allow Defence students opportunities to build relationships with their peers
  • Provide opportunities for activities that will strengthen students integration and friendships with their classmates
  • Assist families and students making connections within our inclusive school community

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Defence School Mentor via telephone (08) 8242 8900 or email