Wellbeing and Engagement Survey

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Students in our school have been invited to take part in a survey being conducted in Term 1 2020.  Key information about the survey can be found below.

Purpose of the collection

Young people’s sense of wellbeing is an important part of how they learn at school. The purpose of the survey is to seek students’ views about their wellbeing and their engagement with school.  Students in year levels 4 to 12 across the State will be invited to participate in the Wellbeing and Engagement Collection. The information collected will help the education system and broader community to support young people’s health and wellbeing.

What is the survey about?

The survey asks students about their social and emotional wellbeing; school relationships and engagement and learning in school; and physical health and wellbeing and after school activities. Students’ answers will be kept confidential – no one (including school staff) will use the results to identify individual students.

What is involved in project participation?

Teachers will arrange for students to undertake the survey during class time. Students will be asked if they would like to participate and will be free to withdraw at any time. If you do not want your child to participate, please contact the school as soon as possible.

Will students’ information be kept confidential?

The department takes measures to ensure students’ personal information and their identities remain anonymous when participating in the survey.

Participating schools with fewer than 5 students undertaking the survey will not receive a school report in order to protect the confidentiality of students.

What will happen if a student is distressed during or after the survey?

Whilst the survey questions are not expected to distress students, the survey includes questions that ask about topics such as students’ happiness and experiences of being bullied. Teachers will inform students that:

  • if they find the survey uncomfortable or distressing, they should leave the survey screen immediately
  • that it is not compulsory to take part in the survey as a whole, and
  • students may also skip individual survey questions if they wish.

Students who may want to speak to an adult about concerns or issues and will be supported to do so.

Where can I get more information?

Further information on the Wellbeing and Engagement Collection can be found at www.education.sa.gov.au (search:wec) or can be collected from the school.  For questions or concerns, or to view the questions, please email Education.WECSA@sa.gov.au.

Sports Day

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1st– Draco Crocodiles- 3107
2nd– Hydra Sharks- 2979
3rd– Aquila Dingoes- 2612
4th– Corvus Redbacks- 2470

Sports Day at The Heights took place on Friday of week 6. The day was a hive of activity as students from the Pre-School to Year 12 competed in various events to earn their house valuable points.
Students should be praised for their efforts and sportsmanship across the day.
The final point tallies included points from the Drawing Competition, and for the first time in several years, a new Sports Day Champion was crowned in the Draco Crocodiles!
Individual student efforts were acknowledged in the year level championship. Congratulations to our Champions and Runner-Ups. 

Year LevelFemale ChampionFemale Runner-UpMale ChampionMale Runner-Up
12Grace FinciMinuka De SilvaLionnel MuhitraJosh Occhiuto
11Abbie StriblingGrainne O’ConnellJames WillisMekhia Khiev
10Aimee WilsonEmma CrawfordThumith ChandrasenaDaniel Mather
9Tryphena HewettSarah NortonJonas CameronHarry Jeyakumar
8Emily StriblingNatasha DoddLiam PhungDeo Suresh
7Jasmine BataraChelsia SureshBrandon Price-JohnsonAsif Haque
6Angeline TungAaliyah RussellFelix SchellhaseSam Parkin

International Program Update

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Unfortunately due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), two of our visiting school tours from Thailand and Japan have been cancelled.

We thank all of you who open your homes to our guests and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Splash Carnival

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Our 2020 Splash Carnival for Years 5-8 students was held on Wednesday the 12th February at Salisbury Swimming Centre. With the return of favourite events such as the swim/walk relay, rope pull and the peg scramble, 2020 also introduced a series of new events. Students competed in Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke 50 Races. They challenged their peers to a game of Finska and collaborated to beat opposing houses in Stand-up Water Polo. Students also had the chance to participate in Elimination; a novelty event requiring speed, persistence and teamwork. The pool was packed with students when it came to Free Swim time and once again students lined the banks of the pool for their chance to tackle the Inflatable Fun Run.

Our annual Staff vs Student 50m Freestyle Relay witnessed the male teaching team taking home the glory and our boys team finishing 2nd with the Flinders University Student Teacher Team in 3rd. It was once again an event that had all eyes on the pool and the noise of encouragement for both students and staff. Congratulations to all students and staff who participated in Splash Carnival and made our 2020 a wonderful day!

Thank you to all staff members for your support with Splash Carnival. I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding work of our year 10 helpers. Without their support the running of the carnival would not have been possible.

Congratulations to our winning House the Corvus Redbacks:

Corvus Redbacks (Red) 457

Draco Crocodiles (Green) 445

Aquila Dingoes (Yellow) 409

Hydra Sharks (Blue) 403

2020 Reception Welcome

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On Monday 17th February, The School hosted a special Reception 2020 – “Welcome to The Heights” celebration assembly.  The purpose of this event was to formally welcome our Reception children and their families into our School community. 

The assembly was attended by Reception students and their families, Year 12 students, staff and school leaders.  It was a wonderful opportunity to bring our community together and to observe our Reception and Year 12 students developing positive relationships.  After initially being a little timid about supporting their Reception buddies, our Year 12 students really stepped up to the mark and were fantastic role models and supporters of our youngest students.  The Reception students spoke about their aspirations for the future with help from their Year 12 buddies.  It was clear to see that our teachers have already had a strong impact on their students, with many of our children saying that they would like to be teachers and scientists when they grow up!

We had a wonderful Year 12 speaker; Binar Rasool who has been at The Heights since Preschool.  He shared his most treasured school memories and a piece of advice that he would give to his Reception self. 

The Reception children performed one of their current, favourite songs, “Elephants Have Wrinkles” which was very entertaining.  The Year 12 big buddies then presented their Reception buddy with a commemorative book mark and a flower which signified blossoming and growing and our hope that each child develops a love of learning. 

After the formalities, it was lovely to speak with families over morning tea which was kindly organised with support from our team of volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the organisation of this event.

Rebekah Goodall

Primary Years Leader

2020 Acquaintance Evening

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The 2020 Acquaintance Evening will be held on Monday 10 Feb 2020.

A free BBQ and refreshments will be available for families from 5 – 5:30pm in the courtyard.

Primary Years families who wish to see any of your child’s teachers should secure a short appointment time between 2:45 and 7:30pm by going to the school website (www.theheights.sa.edu.au) and clicking the link titled Primary Years Aquaintance Evening
If you do not have access to the internet or are having trouble making a booking please call the school directly on 82536244 and speak to Primary Student Services who can make your booking for you.
Bookings close on Thursday 6th of February.

Secondary Years families can attend one of the following sessions:

  • Years 7 and 8 – 4:30pm in the M Block Multipurpose space.
  • Secondary Year 11 – 5:30 in the B Block Upstairs common area.
  • Secondary Year 12 – 6:15 in the B Block Upstairs common area.

These sessions are expected to run for approximately 30 minutes.
Please fill in the attached RSVP form and return it on fee paying day or to Student Services by Monday 3 February.

Acquaintance Evening Invitation
Acquaintance Evening RSVP form

Celebration in the Courtyard

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Our end of year Celebration in the Courtyard was a fantastic success! Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and to everyone who came to see our students perform.