Sports Day

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1st– Draco Crocodiles- 3107
2nd– Hydra Sharks- 2979
3rd– Aquila Dingoes- 2612
4th– Corvus Redbacks- 2470

Sports Day at The Heights took place on Friday of week 6. The day was a hive of activity as students from the Pre-School to Year 12 competed in various events to earn their house valuable points.
Students should be praised for their efforts and sportsmanship across the day.
The final point tallies included points from the Drawing Competition, and for the first time in several years, a new Sports Day Champion was crowned in the Draco Crocodiles!
Individual student efforts were acknowledged in the year level championship. Congratulations to our Champions and Runner-Ups. 

Year LevelFemale ChampionFemale Runner-UpMale ChampionMale Runner-Up
12Grace FinciMinuka De SilvaLionnel MuhitraJosh Occhiuto
11Abbie StriblingGrainne O’ConnellJames WillisMekhia Khiev
10Aimee WilsonEmma CrawfordThumith ChandrasenaDaniel Mather
9Tryphena HewettSarah NortonJonas CameronHarry Jeyakumar
8Emily StriblingNatasha DoddLiam PhungDeo Suresh
7Jasmine BataraChelsia SureshBrandon Price-JohnsonAsif Haque
6Angeline TungAaliyah RussellFelix SchellhaseSam Parkin